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  1. Folks don’t question the fact that there will be an iPad mini but more like when. Think from a busnseis perspective, is there a market for 7 tablets?, answer is yes! Next question is do you think apple is going to let the competition have a solely android 7 market? I dint think so. Not only would they enter the 7 market but they would also enter into the pockets of people who can’t afford the 10 . Which is the whole point. Jobs wouldn’t have allowed it but he’s obviously not here! I say 4th

  2. dude where do u find them ? we get the point of inaliltsng but where to find them its not only about inaliltsng thats it ok thanks u hope u reply where ASAP

  3. nous pouvont changer le coure de la vie et encore plus, réduire la polution journalière,…sortont nos vieux velos !!!

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