Pour transférer des fichiers de votre PC/MAC vers un iDevice:

Pour toutes les connexions, les paramètres sont en général SFTP, l’ identifiant de connexion est root et le mot de passe est alpine. Le logiciel vous demandera aussi l’ adresse IP de votre iDevice, elle est disponible en utilisant SBSettings ou dans l’ application Réglages.

Vous pouvez aussi découvrir comment se connecter en SSH en regardant cette excellente vidéo tutoriel.

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  1. Hi Sean,thanx to you and Gary we hopefully sleovd this issue. Apple has a new iPad2 for sale but they did not announce it. So we missed the new series and our App did not recognize it and could not load a compensation curve! We fixed this issue and the new Analyzer and Spectrograph versions are already in review process at iTunes. Hopefully in a few days they will be available and then you will be able to get your compensation curve!Thank you for your input and sorry for the troubleDaniel

    • out:How to turn off location seecivrs to avoid Apple tracking you, and save your batteries life.How to convert any movie files to play on your iPod touch, iPhone, iPad or AppleTV for free.This new app allows you to download photos directly from Facebook to your iPod touch, iPhone, or

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  2. Just bought the app, and the freqneucy graph definitely needs the zoom! Luckily you are promising this for the next update, I hope it will be published soon! Cause now I find it a bit useless on a small phone screen. It needs zooming in both amplitude and freqneucy axes. Then it will be great. For example making room measurements for digital room corrections I’m interested only in rather small frequencies and the dynamic range should be more like 20 dB, not 80 dB. Waiting for it!


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